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The Pennsylvania country side has quite an array of picturesque routes that are absolutely breathtaking. There is a wide expanse of blossoming fields to enjoy and the mountains are awe-inspiring. Take a luxurious ride around and experience the fresh, exhilarating country ambiance that Pennsylvania has to offer.

The French Creek State Park

The Pennsylvania Turnpike captures the amazing country side, part of which includes French Creek State Park. This park is an ensemble of trees with scenic trails that have streams and beautiful hills. In the 40 mile path, you will find a couple of lakes and some wild animals. You can  ride your motorcycle around the park and enjoy the view. Make sure you always ride in safety and reassurance with your information and insurance from You can get a good look at the 1830 Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site. Located on the eastside of the turnpike, French Creek State Park offers the best of Pennsylvania’s country side.

The Beautiful Covered Bridge Drive

The Amish community makes up Pennsylvania’s ethnicity. Covered Bridge Scenic Drive is in Lancaster County and holds significant meaning in Pennsylvania. With part of the original 1500 bridges constructed in this state, Covered Bridge Scenic Drive holds 28 of them. The bridges are frequented by horses pulling wagons. This is the epitome of country living, and it is an experience like no other. You will enjoy watching the simplicity of everyday life in this southern part of the Pennsylvanian turnpike. The bridges have now been reduced to 219, but their momentous nature prevails. Visit Covered Bridge Scenic Drive and take pleasure in the lush green of Amish Country.

The Scenic Drive on Lancaster

This is a route that consists of a 73.5 mile drive with sites such as the Landis Valley Museum and Ephrata Cloister to visit. The routes that you can traverse to reach these destinations include highways 30 and 897, among others. The scenic drive is along Amish country, laced with historic sites all the way to downtown Lancaster. There are stop points on the way where you can take in the open scenery. You can also make the most of your scenic drive by taking a quick cruise along the country. Tour the barns, farms, silos and get a feel of Amish life. Watch their skillful way of quilting and the different crafts they perform. If you are hungry, no need to fret. You can partake in a traditional Amish meal or just purchase some snacks in the stores at the stops. Scenic Drive Lancaster starts at the Pennsylvania Turnpike close to Terre Hill.

The Gettysburg Scenic Loop

This scenic loop affords you a number of sceneries. There is a Civil War historic route and a Scenic Valley route. These routes are both to the west of the turnpike. On the eastern side, you will travel across both the Historic Conestoga and Historic Gettysburg routes. The loop presents over 75 miles of the Pennsylvanian scenic country side.

4 Beautiful Rides in the Pennsylvania Country Side
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