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Hunting Marsh Bucks DVD
By Blood Brothers Outdoors
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Hunting Marsh Bucks
On This DVD:
Blood Brothers Outdoors created this DVD to not only watch from beginning to end if you choose, but to use the chapter menus to jump to any particular topic you want based on the time of year, your interest, etc.

Here's a list of the chapters you'll find on our dvd:

    * Introduction
    * Core Beliefs
          o There's No Magic Pixie Dust
          o Scout. Scout. Hunt.
          o Be Silent. Be Mobile.
    * Post Season Scouting
          o Getting Started
          o Bedding/Staging Areas
          o Burning Bridges
          o Rubs
          o Tracks
          o Beds
          o Entry/Exit Routes
          o Islands
          o Points
          o Putting it all Together
    * Summer Scouting
          o Shining
          o Film Your Scouting
          o Trail Cameras
          o Where'd They Go?
    * Early Season Hunting
          o Dan's Public Marsh 10pt.
          o Spot-Checking
          o Using Other Hunters to Your Advantage
          o Wind
          o Stand Height
          o Scent Control
    * Andrae D'Acquisto Feature
          o Interview on marsh hunting strategies
          o #4 Wisconsin Archery typical interview and hunt footage
    * Mid-Season Hunting
          o T-Zone
          o Dan's T-Zone 10pt
          o Outside-In
          o Dan with Trail Cam Buck
          o The Rut
    * Late Season Hunting
          o Jamie Infalt's First Deer
          o Pros & Cons
    * Bonus Features
          o Story of Dan's 11pt.
          o Story of Dan's 400lb. slob
          o Lee's Favor Buck
          o Story of Dan's Obsession Buck
          o Definition of a Slob (How the word Slob came about being used)

This DVD will not appeal to everyone. It was designed for the hardcore, "do it yourself" diehard whitetail hunter, who has grown tired of DVD’s that teach nothing and are only about shoving sponsored products down your throat!
If you want a “whack ‘em stack ‘em” video, don’t buy this one. If you want a magic potion shortcut to get your buck, don’t buy this one.

But if you’d like to learn how to apply time and effort towards consistent success on good bucks from a group of guys that have proven themselves in areas most of us hunters are faced with,
this video will give you the tools to do this no matter where you hunt.

A trophy buck doesn't have to be a "buck of a lifetime".  This video will show you that you can consistently kill mature bucks every year in your home hunting areas, regardless of your financial situation, where you live (within reason), and hunting pressure.

Unfortunately, the hunting industry has become money-driven like all other businesses. Videos are biased because of big money sponsorships and egos of guys that want to be famous professional hunters. What ever happened to unbiased, instructional videos that teach hunters exactly how to improve their skills and not just entertain?

Blood Brothers Outdoors assures you, we did not accept one penny from anyone to produce this video. Those that we thank in the video have supported us merely with time and efforts. It has been a project we embarked on in our spare time away from our full time jobs and families, and we're happy to finally bring it to you. We're excited for our upcoming releases as well.

Blood Brothers Outdoors
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$13.95 FREE shipping!
Hunting Marsh Bucks DVD
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