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Dominant Superpower in the Eastern Conference of the NHL
Pittsburgh Penguins
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There seems to be a dominant superpower in the Eastern Conference of the NHL right now, and that happens to be the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Atlantic Division. Taking off out of the gate and collecting some big wins during the month of October, the Penguins are circling the ice with determination and success. There are several big games coming up on the Pittsburgh Penguins Schedule that are sure to collect huge crowds, especially because of the great start the team is off to already this fall. Here are some of the must-see matchups soon to come for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Oct. 22, Devils at Penguins. There's nothing like taking on a divisional competitor at home, and the Penguins will do just that on Oct. 22, when they host the New Jersey Devils. The Devils are currently (as of Oct. 20) situated in the middle of the Atlantic Division, but will provide some stiff competition for the Penguins when the teams square off at CONSOL Energy Center in late October.

Oct. 27, Islanders at Penguins. Back-to-back games against division rivals is one thing, but back-to-back games against the Islanders is an entirely new ballgame. The Penguins face the Islanders on the road on Oct. 25 and then head back to Pittsburgh to play them again two days later, this time at home. This double-header will prove one of these teams to have an upper hand in the Atlantic Conference, and with the Pens taking the early lead in the division already, the odds are looking great so far for Pittsburgh.

Nov. 11, Stars at Penguins. The Dallas Stars are slowly but surely becoming the superpower in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference, and it will be a battle of East vs. West when the Stars travel to Pittsburgh on Nov. 11 to take on the Pens at CONSOL.

Dec. 5, Bruins at Penguins. The Penguins face the reigning Stanley Cup champions the Boston Bruins at home on Dec. 5, marking a touch stretch of away games during that first week of December. Do the Penguins have the stamina to overpower the 2011 champs? It will shake out in early December!

Dec. 13, Red Wings at Penguins. The Red Wings look like the early leader in the Central Division of the Western Conference, but it's too early to tell. The Wings will travel to Pittsburgh in mid-December in what should be a fairly easy stretch for the team.

Dec. 29, Flyers at Penguins. The Pennsylvania hockey rivalry will heat up in late December, when the Philadelphia Flyers head to Pittsburgh to take on their neighbors on the ice. These division rivals are the two dominant teams in the division, making this one of the most anticipated games of the year.

Jan. 22, Capitals at Penguins. The Washington Capitals were one of very few teams in the league to start off with a 6-0 record, and it's really no surprise that their arrival in Pittsburgh in late January will bring out the big guns.